News — Time Travel Research for Inflection Point

News — Time Travel Research for Inflection Point

(Original Article Published Jun 2, 2022)

Things have very much been all steam ahead with my brand new time series, Inflection Point. I'm very pleased to announce that this new book is in the final stages of editing and is all set for its launch in June.

Writing this book has been something of a research challenge, set as it is on the eve of the First World War in Oxford. That fact alone required extensive amounts of research and included checking out various locations around the city. It also required a trip to the Museum of Science to look specifically at this object...

If you're wondering what the above device is, it's actually a very rare, spherical planisphere. You may be more familiar with its flat cousin, which is used to show the night sky at any time of the year.

This spherical planisphere is only about eight centimeters across and was designed to be held in the hand. As to why I was researching this particular historic device, you'll just have to wait to find out until you read Inflection Point!

If you have read Earth Song, you're probably wondering how this new book can possibly link to Earth Roar? Just rest assured that it does and by the end of Inflection Point, you'll understand just how exactly. Beyond that, my lips are sealed.

If you enjoy time travel stories, I think you should get a lot out of the new book. It's not Outlander, but in many ways is closer in feel to H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. But then again, as this is one of my books, I think you're going to enjoy my fresh take on the genre.

Image Credit: Nick Cook

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