Reading Order

Chronological Order of the Multiverse Chronicles

This is just a suggested reading order. You don't have to​ read the books in this sequence as each series is standalone in its own right. They can be mixed and matched according to personal preference.

The Cloud Riders Trilogy

  1. Cloud Riders

  2. Breaking Storm

  3. Eye of the Storm

The Earth Song paperback book, the front cover depicting a UFO hovering over a storm sea crashing against the shores of the Isles of Orkney.

The Earth Song Series

  1. Earth Song (Special Edition)

  2. Earth Cry

  3. Earth Shout

  4. Earth Howl

  5. Earth Yell

  6. Earth Scream

  7. Earth Roar

The Fractured Light Trilogy

  1. Fractured Light

  2. Fading Light

  3. Death of Light

The Inflection Point Series

  1. Inflection Point

  2. Crucible of Fire

  3. Thunder of Freedom

  4. TBA