Nick Cook

Nick was born in London and grew up in a family where art was always a huge influence. Nick eventually finished college with a Fine Art Degree tucked into his back pocket. Faced with the prospect of actually trying to make a living from his talents, he plunged into the emerging video game industry back in the 80s as a graphic artist. It was the start of a long career and as the industry exploded into the one we know today, Nick’s career went supernova. He set up two studios, and has around forty published game titles to his name.

But as successful as this career was, a little voice kept nagging inside Nick’s head, and at the end of 2006 he was finally ready to pursue his other passion as a full-time career: sci-fi writing. Many years later, he completed his first trilogy, Cloud Riders, a prequel to his highly acclaimed Multiverse Chronicles series. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Apart from sci-fi, Nick also writes crime novels under the pen name J.R. Sinclair. In total he has written twenty-one books in both genres books over the span of his career.

Nick has many interests, from space exploration and astronomy to travelling the world. His sci-fi writing in many ways reflects his curiosity about the world around him. He loves to let his imagination run riot to pose the question: What if.