Why Did I Launch This New Website?

Why Did I Launch This New Website?

Cue fanfare, marching bands, and a fly past! After literally months of work, including new designs for every single sci-fi book I’ve ever written, my very own brand new online bookshop and website are now ready to launch.

So why did I do all this?

Until now, Amazon was the main store that you buy my books from. The problem with this is that it’s very much putting all my eggs in one basket scenario. It also meant that readers with other ebook formats such as Kobo and Nook, couldn’t read my books as they were locked into Kindle Unlimited. But not any longer!

As of today you will now find my books in all the major stores and on all major formats! But even more importantly, if you are happy to, you can the buy the books directly from me. The great thing if you do that is that all the profits go to my good self, and that will help fund me as an author to write future books.

In many ways, this whole exercise, including the new book covers, has all been about relaunching my sci-fi career with something of a splash!

So begins a new chapter in my writing career. Let the fun commence. Oh, and the new website flying saucer logo was inspired by the Forbidden Planet film! Would you expect anything else from me?

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