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Nick Cook

Breaking Storm: Volume 2 in the Cloud Riders Trilogy (Paperback)

Breaking Storm: Volume 2 in the Cloud Riders Trilogy (Paperback)

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The multiverse is real and he has discovered the doorway to travel between them.

The storm clouds of destiny are tightening their fist around Dom and Angelique. In a desperate attempt to rescue Jules who has been abducted by Lord Ambra, they are forced to jump between parallel worlds onboard the airship Athena in pursuit of them.

Their journey will take them from the whispered secrets of Floating City to the fiery nightmares of Hells Cauldron. There Dom must discover the legacy of an ancient race that is hidden within the heart of every airship. If he succeeds he will be on the path towards breaking the chains of slavery Hades is using to maintain their position of power across countless worlds.

Above all, they must stop an ultimate weapon from being developed, a weapon that threatens every free Earth across the dimensions. The key to everything is within Dom, but will he find the strength to see his way through whatever the cost?

Follow humanity's epic struggle to survive across parallel universes in the Multiverse Chronicles, a series of interlinked stories that include the Cloud Riders’ trilogy, the Earth Song series, and also the Fractured Light trilogy.

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