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Nick Cook

Cloud Riders: Volume 1 in the Cloud Riders trilogy (Ebook)

Cloud Riders: Volume 1 in the Cloud Riders trilogy (Ebook)

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Twisters can rip lives apart, but what lurks within can be even more dangerous. 

Dom comes from a family of storm chasers, but a year long drought has hit the US hard and even the tornadoes have vanished. With crops failing and the family diner about to go bust, Dom feels trapped, torn between supporting the family business and the urge to escape to a new life. Even his lifelong relationship with best friend, Jules, is getting complicated.

When the first twister in months appears from nowhere and an airship emerges from the spout, Dom’s world is turned upside down.

Its pilots are explorers who make Dom an offer beyond his wildest dreams. But the visitors are also harbouring a terrible secret.

Can Dom uncover the truth and make the right decision before everything he cares for is destroyed?

Nick Cook is the best selling author of the Earth Song and Fractured Light series. Cloud Riders is a prequel trilogy to the Multiverse Chronicles, an epic series of interlinked stories that follow humanity’s struggle to survive across parallel universes.

Author Note: For my friends across the Pond please note that this book is written in UK English and uses single quotes rather than double ones. Yes, Brits are weird like that!

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