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Nick Cook

Crucible of Fire: Volume 2 in the Inflection Point Series (Paperback)

Crucible of Fire: Volume 2 in the Inflection Point Series (Paperback)

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In 74AD, Mount Vesuvius is About to Erupt with Devastating Results for Pompeii…

With Lauren and Jack now joining the team, they must prepare for their expedition back through time to Pompeii on the eve of its annihilation. With the challenges of the highly dangerous expedition, they will need extensive training including from one unlikely source in 1920s Los Angeles in order to prepare them for what lies ahead. But, of course, nothing can really ever fully prepare you for the reality of an eruption that killed countless thousands.

When things start to rapidly go wrong it looks like Nathan, Clara and the rest of the team will end up being victims of the volcanic pyroclastic surge that wiped out the ancient city. As the ash cloud descends and pumice rains down from the sky, rapidly burying the streets, what can they do to survive?

Any wrong step could unravel the timeline, condemning the future of our world and life far beyond it. Will Nathan have the inner strength to do what’s being asked of him and stand aside to let history take its course and annihilate so many innocent people in the blink of an eye? They are all about to learn just how ruthless history can really be.

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