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Nick Cook

Earth Song - Special Edition: Volume 1 in the Earth Song Series (Ebook)

Earth Song - Special Edition: Volume 1 in the Earth Song Series (Ebook)

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This special edition of Earth Song also contains the novella, The Signal.

Lauren was about to discover we were not alone.

She didn’t ask to be a hero. But one night during the graveyard shift at Jodrell Bank, Lauren captured an astonishing fast radio burst from an alien race. And just like that, the fate of the world was thrust into her hands.

Now she’s put everything on the line to blow open the conspiracy of silence surrounding UFOs.

She’s on the run from MI5, and a secret organization determined to stop her. After a year of dead ends and a heart-breaking personal tragedy, she’s on the verge of being forced to abandon her personal crusade.

But then alerts erupt across the international UFO forums. What are the crystal runic symbols that have appeared all over the Isles of Orkney? Could they mean that the alien intelligence Lauren previously encountered is once again reaching out to humanity?

And if so, why?

With a ruthless enemy closing in fast, Lauren teams up with Jack Harper, an archaeologist, and UFO skeptic, in a last desperate attempt to unearth the truth. Together, can they discover the source of the strange activity on Orkney? If they fail, humanity will stand alone to face a threat coming for us from the stars.

Time is running out for the survival of all life on Earth. 

Follow humanity’s epic struggle to survive across parallel universes in the Multiverse Chronicles, a series of interlinked stories that include the Earth Song series, the Fractured Light and Cloud Rider trilogies, as well as the Inflection Point time travel series.

Author Note: The Special Edition of Earth Song, also incorporates the novella, The Signal. For my friends across the Pond, please note that this book is written in UK English and uses single quotes rather than double ones. Yes, Brits are weird like that!

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