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Nick Cook

Earth Song: Complete Series Bundle (Paperback)

Earth Song: Complete Series Bundle (Paperback)

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This bundle contains the seven volumes of the Earth Song series. This includes the special edition of Earth Song also containing the novella, The Signal.

Book 1: Earth Song - Special Edition (Including The Signal)

Lauren didn't ask to be a hero. During a graveyard shift at Jodrell Bank, she picks up an astonishing fast radio burst from an alien race, unexpectedly shouldering the world's fate. The captured alien signal makes her Earth's unexpected guardian. Battling MI5 and a covert organization bent on silence, she risks it all to expose hidden UFO truths. Despite dead ends and personal tragedy, her determination falters until enigmatic runic symbols surface on the Isles of Orkney. Joining forces with Jack Harper, a UFO skeptic and archaeologist, Lauren races against time and an unyielding adversary to uncover the symbols' purpose and the reemergence of an extraterrestrial presence. Together, can they discover the source of the strange activity on Orkney? If they fail, humanity will stand alone to face a threat coming for us from the stars.

Book 2: Earth Cry

Aboard the X101 stealth aircraft, Lauren, Jack, and Mike reach Sky Dreamer Corp—a covert site boasting unparalleled technology and resources. Amid preparations for their next mission, Lauren grapples with pressing questions: Who targeted AI Lucy with a destructive worm virus? What's behind the altered Earth Song noted by Jodrell Bank? Could the surge in earthquakes relate to the awakening micro mind?

In a role thrust upon her, Lauren confronts choices that test her very humanity. Unveiling secrets of an ancient civilisation becomes paramount, propelling them into a race against Overseers, as Earth's destiny hangs in the balance. Can Lauren find the strength within to become the soldier that the world needs her to be?

Book 3: Earth Shout

With just four years until the Kimprak asteroid ship arrives for an Earth invasion, Lauren, Jack, and their team race to locate Lucy's waking micro minds, crucial for safeguarding the planet from the Overseers. As they gear up to deploy CubeSats, the enigmatic absence of Tom casts a shadow. Questions abound: Where is he, and why does Alice, Sky Dreamer Corp's president, deflect inquiries about him? Simultaneously, Tic Tac UFO sightings surge, along with TR-3B Astra sightings, the covert US antigravity craft. Could these events connect to Tom's vanishing act and his prior investigations? Progress on Ariel, Sky Dreamer Corp's antigravity prototype craft, nears completion, offering an edge in the fight against the Overseers. But internal tensions escalate, testing Lauren's leadership as they brace for their ultimate challenge. Amid the uncertainty, can Lauren find her feet as the true leader she needs to become to guide the others through their greatest challenge yet?

Book 4: Earth Howl

Deep in the Desert, an Ancient God is About to Awaken...

With Lucy down, Lauren's team merges a recovered micro mind from Area 51 to reboot her AI, but a CubeSat detects a mythical city's neutrino burst. They head to Mauritania with upgraded Ariel, while Eden goes dark, prompting worries about the base. Stranded in a desert sandstorm, Lauren and Jack confront a micro mind forcing them to relive a devastating natural disaster. As a leader, Lauren must now battle threats from the Overseers and beyond, leveraging her skills and team to defend against the otherworldly dangers.

Book 5: Earth Yell

As rumours circulate about mysterious underwater lights near Cuba and Russian spy activity, Lauren's team suspects a lurking micro mind but questions the absence of a neutrino burst. They head to Cuba, uncovering a missing diver and his sister's enigmatic disappearance linked to strange whale-like sounds. Teaming up with marine biologist Leon Dupont and his submersible, Neptune, they aim to uncover the micro mind's purpose, racing against Russian operatives and Overseer masters. The team's pursuit of the truth could hold the key to Earth's survival.

Book 6: Earth Scream

Since activating the Resonancy Generator near Cuba, Earth's radio signature, known as Earth Song, has been permanently altered, sparking questions about why it didn't return to normal after awakening most of the micro minds. Is there another purpose hidden within Earth Song, possibly linked to the Angelus secret at the core of all micro minds? Amidst missing data due to Overseer destruction, Lauren seeks help from her old friend Steve Andrews at Jodrell Bank to decipher the broadcast's true purpose. The time has come for old hostilities to be forgotten and for new alliances to be forged. But even then, can the allies hold out long from the first wave of an attack to unearth the buried secret that holds all the answers to our world’s salvation?

Book 7: Earth Roar

In the Earth Song series' climactic conclusion, the Kimprak asteroid ship enters our solar system, setting the stage for a monumental showdown. As Lauren's team rushes to activate Tempest's systems, Eden focuses on preparing the starship for battle, and production works tirelessly to replace the lost X-craft from the Antarctica skirmish. With everything at stake, they must also forge an alliance with former foes to defend Earth against the alien threat. When the Kimprak mothership is detected near the Oort Cloud, the impending battle in Jupiter's orbit promises to be more devastating than anyone anticipated. Lauren faces the ultimate decision as commander, but will she muster the strength to fulfill her role before the end?

The Earth Song series is part of the Multiverse Chronicles, an epic series of interlinked stories that follows humanity’s struggle to survive across parallel universes.

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