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Nick Cook

Eye of the Storm: Volume 3 in the Cloud Riders Trilogy (Ebook)

Eye of the Storm: Volume 3 in the Cloud Riders Trilogy (Ebook)

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Shadows will grow, friends will fall and worlds will be lost.

Dom and Jules, snatched from heir ordinary lives in Tornado Alley, are thrust ever deeper in a desperate race across countless parallel worlds, fighting to draw together the remnants of the Cloud Riders fleet, the last ships of the free.

With Dom’s Navigator ability awakening he, Jules and Angelique must prepare their forces for in a battle that will stretch all of them far beyond breaking point.

The sacrifices that must be made will destroy the old life Dom once knew as they risk everything in a final deadly confrontation that will settle the fate of countless Earths across the multiverse. The question remains whether they can stop the sheer might of Hades, an army that has been honed to become the ultimate war machine that is about to bring Armageddon to Dom and Jules’s home world? The answer to salvation lies within Dom, but will he find the strength to unlock it in time?

Eye of the Storm is the sequel to Breaking Song and the compelling final book in the Cloud Riders trilogy. It is also part of the Multiverse Chronicles, an epic series of interlinked stories that includes the Fractured Light trilogy and Earth Sone series, which follows humanity’s struggle to survive across parallel universes.

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