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Nick Cook

Fading Light: Volume 2 in the Fractured Light trilogy (Paperback)

Fading Light: Volume 2 in the Fractured Light trilogy (Paperback)

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Nightmares are stalking the streets of London. 

With the Shade’s grip on the world strengthening as reality starts to break down, Jake and Chloe, genetically modified psychic warriors, must prepare to take on their greatest enemy once again. But with lives already sacrificed to the Zoom virus and the Awoken scattered across the globe, can they ever hope to overcome the Shade’s twisted plot, which stretches to the heart of a corrupted government?

As a huge Shade-made storm swamps Britain and isolates London, Jake and Chloe have no choice but to risk everything as they travel from the Isle of Alderney to the capital city. Joining with more Awoken, they’re propelled on a desperate search to stop a new doomsday device that threatens the very existence of the city.

With old enemies and new allies, this is a battle of light against dark. The Shade are coming, and only the Awoken can stand in their way.

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