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Nick Cook

Fractured Light: Complete Trilogy Bundle (Ebook)

Fractured Light: Complete Trilogy Bundle (Ebook)

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Book 1: Fractured Light

Since his father's fatal dark energy experiment, Jake has been an outsider, haunted by guilt over the tragedy that rocked his hometown. Years later, a satellite crash near his college rekindles his nightmare with cryptic messages and ominous shadows that make him doubt his sanity. Desperate, Jake seeks help from Chloe, a hacker who once shunned him. Together, they must unravel a conspiracy tied to human DNA before an impending darkness consumes the world. Can they uncover the truth in time, or will the shadows engulf everything?

Book 2: Fading Light

As reality crumbles under the Shade's tightening grip, psychic warriors Jake and Chloe face their nemesis amid a world ravaged by the Zoom virus and a scattered resistance. With Britain submerged by a monstrous storm and London cut off, they journey from Alderney to the besieged capital. Joining forces with fellow Awoken, they race to dismantle a doomsday device poised to obliterate the city. In a clash where old adversaries resurface and new alliances form, only the Awoken stand between the Shade and darkness. Will light prevail, or will shadows swallow everything?

Book 3: Death of Light

Jake, Chloe, Gem, and Ethan are on a mission to forge an army of Awoken—genetically enhanced humans with formidable psychic powers—to battle the Shade. As they unlock their army's potential, they uncover a threat far beyond their worst fears: a countdown to global annihilation has begun. Racing against time, they strive to expand their network of Waveriders. But as a massive Shade attack blindsides them, Jake faces his darkest moment. Can they muster the strength to avert a catastrophe that could end the world as we know it?

The Fractured Light trilogy is part of the Multiverse Chronicles, an epic series of interlinked stories that follows humanity’s struggle to survive across parallel universes.

Author Note: For my friends across the Pond please note that this book is written in UK English and uses single quotes rather than double ones. Yes, Brits are weird like that!

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