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Nick Cook

Thunder of Freedom: Volume 3 in the Inflection Point Series (Ebook)

Thunder of Freedom: Volume 3 in the Inflection Point Series (Ebook)

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In 1776, the Siege of Boston is About to Come to a Dramatic Climax as the American Colonial Army Battles for their Homeland’s Independence.

Will is reaching out to Nathan from beyond the grave, filling his head with visions of wiring and engineering diagrams for the construction of a strange machine. What can it all mean? Together with the rest of the team, they are slowly piecing together the information, edging closer to understanding the phenomena. They are on the verge of a breakthrough when Nostradamus locates the next Inflection Point in the timeline.

Soon Nathan and the team are flung back through time to the Siege of Boston as the American Colonial army is about to finally seize control after a lengthy battle of attrition with the British who hold the city. Their mission, posing as sympathisers, will be to join the American spy network run by John Carnes, where they will attempt to learn his trust. If they manage that, then John will hopefully allow them access to Harvard College where the latest micro mind has been hidden. However, and far more challenging, it also happens to be hidden where a garrison of American soldiers has been moved in to use the college as temporary barracks.

But in the wrong hands, history is a fluid thing, where things that seemed set in stone can quickly be unravelled. Everything is about to come down to one critical moment in time where Tuul will be prepared to risk everything to destroy the future. Can Nathan and the rest of the team stop him, even if it means the ultimate sacrifice?

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